Ireland Packing List: September

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Light clothes and layers are the trick to staying cozy!

It’s hard to make a packing list for Ireland during the month of September as the climate can be a bit all over the place at the best of times!

In September there will be a slight chill in the air and a lot of light rain. The days will take longer to heat up and the nights will be a bit colder. If you want to know what camera equipment is best for Ireland, this packing list should help.

Here’s our recommended packing list for Ireland during the month of September:

  • Bring a very small amount of summer/ light clothes. You will probably only get to wear them once or twice during your trip.
  • Wear long sleeves and long pants. It won’t be freezing over here but the wind can get cold.
  • If you are hiking or exploring farms and fields then rain boots would be great. If they are too bulky then a pair of hiking boots would also do the trick.
  • The trick to staying warm is to have many layers that you can put on and take off to adjust your temperature.
  • A very light raincoat. It rains a lot in Ireland but that doesn’t mean it’s cold.
  • A poncho is super compact and can do the trick on some occasions.
  • One warm hoodie for the evenings.
  • A good pair of jeans is always a good call, you won’t be too sweaty in them and they are very durable.

Overall you won’t need any heavy duty winter clothing but you should definitely make sure to have items that block wind and protect against rain as September is known for being one of the most rainy months!

It can also get very hot and sweaty while hiking so you don’t want to have anything too heavy on.

The heavier clothes should be saved for walking the streets of the cities or sitting outside a pub with a drink.

If the sweaters don’t warm you up then maybe an Irish coffee or a Guinness will!

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