The top 5 music venues in Dublin


Ireland is a fantastic country to visit if you are a live music fan. In Dublin, there is an abundance of great venues around the city and great music is often just around the corner.

Chill Insurance asked us what our favourite venues in Dublin were so we decided to make a list of our top 5. There are loads more that didn’t make the list but these are the ones that stick out.

5. The Acamedy

The Acamedy is the perfect size venue to see your favourite artists. They have two stages; the Main Stage for larger acts and The Green Room for the smaller ones. On the main stage you are never more than a stone’s throw away from the music. It’s the perfect way to experience a live performance.

4. The Workmans Club

The Workmans is a great venue to see live music in Dublin because the gigs are usually intimate and very affordable. Gigs here are priced between €10-€20. As well as that, the quality of the music is often extremely high and Workmans is a great place to see up and coming artists at the beginning of their careers. The upstairs pub is also a great place to socialise after the band plays.

3. 3Arena

First called The Point, then The O2 and now it’s called the 3Arena this is Dublin’s biggest venue. It’s not cosy nor intimate but if you’re looking for a huge performance of epic proportions then 3Arena is the place to be. There is often a fantastic crowd atmosphere and it’s hard to beat the feeling of having a dance to your favourite music surrounded by 13,000 other fans.

Queens of the Stone Age in The 3Arena

2. The Iveagh Gardens

This venue is seasonal and pops up around the summer months. The Iveagh Gardens is a park in central Dublin that is often overlooked by tourists. When the stage is set up there in the summer, it is one of the most beautiful venues around. It’s entirely outdoors and on a sunny day, with a drink in your hand, it’s just sensational.

1. Whelans

Whelans is, without doubt the best venue in Dublin and the go-to place for locals to go and discover some great music. The place is about 10 minutes walking from city center and has an abundance of rooms and stages. You could spend the whole night there and not even be in the same room twice. They get some awesome bands and are constantly booking great talent. If you are visiting Dublin, Whelans must not be missed!

Overhead, The Albatross at Whelans

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