15 Amazing Things To Do in Monaghan

Looking for the best things to do in Monaghan? This post should help!


Whats’s the best thing about living in Ireland? #Reddit Responds.

Some great reasons to LOVE Ireland here!

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Recently I have become a huge fan of Reddit. Whether it’s sharing a few wacky articles I come across, uploading funny pictures, or just being an observer as some of funniest threads I have ever seen take off like wildfire, it really is an excellent source of both news and entertainment.

Today I logged on and came across a great post from a guy asking Reddit Ireland how he can explain to his Russian friend what the best thing about living in Ireland is. It can be so difficult to explain to outsiders why Ireland is so special because rather than specific physical things, what makes Ireland so great is more of an emotion, a feeling, a mutual understanding.

I have picked some of the top answers from the thread and shared them with you. These are the answers that I think really help outsiders to understand why Ireland, and the…

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12 Reasons To Love Dublin Airport

Airports are a funny place that can cause a roller-coaster of emotions for most people. There are sad goodbyes and joyful reunions. They're full of people in a hurry, in a rush to get somewhere. In the morning, there are tired souls wandering through the terminal. Late at night, people can be found trying get …