Hunting Deer in Dublin’s Phoenix Park

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Some of Dublin’s most famous residents are the fallow deer that live in the Phoenix Park, here’s your guide on how to find them! Even though Dublin is a small city, only about a million people live there, it can get a little too hectic, so the Phoenix Park is the perfect place to escape […]

The best Irish photographers on Instagram

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There is a huge amount of amazing photographers on Instagram right now so we decided to compile a list of some of the best talent on Irish shores. @SavageIreland SavageIreland aka Ceri Jones Photography shoots some amazing landscapes and has the wonderful ability to capture sunlight in a unique and interesting way. Have a look […]

The top 5 music venues in Dublin

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Ireland is a fantastic country to visit if you are a live music fan. In Dublin, there is an abundance of great venues around the city and great music is often just around the corner. Chill Insurance asked us what our favourite venues in Dublin were so we decided to make a list of our top 5. […]

12 Reasons To Love Dublin Airport

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Airports are a funny place that can cause a roller-coaster of emotions for most people. There are sad goodbyes and joyful reunions. They’re full of people in a hurry, in a rush to get somewhere. In the morning, there are tired souls wandering through the terminal. Late at night, people can be found trying get […]