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On this page you’ll find everything you need to know about travelling to Ireland. On this blog we have in-depth travel guides written by locals and Ireland travel experts, as well as our most popular blog posts and much more. Enjoy!



belfast ireland summer boats on the river and buildings

Peak Season

The peak season in Ireland is July and August. While this is the time of year that you’ll likely have the warmest and clearest weather, it’s also the time that most tourists visit, hotels get booked up and prices sky rocket.

belfast in the autumn with a castle entrance gate and colourful leaves

Shoulder Season

Spring and Fall are definitely the shoulder seasons in Ireland. This is the best time to visit the country for a combination of decent weather and fewer crowds. Keep in mind that easter is a popular holiday here and things can get busy around that time.

winter in belfast christmas lights


The off season in Ireland is between October and March when prices (and the temperature) tend to drop drastically. Ireland is beautiful in the winter, but it can be very cold and wet so be sure to come prepared with plenty of warm and rain-resistant clothes.

Search by City


Check these in-depth guides below to find everything you need to know on different cities, counties and regions of Ireland. These guides have everything including the budget, when to visit, things to do and places to eat – a great place to start when planning a trip around the country!

hiking in galway ireland


Your Irish Adventure Posts Below you’ll find every post, category, and page on our website. You will be able to click any of the links

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Ireland On Foot

Best Hiking In Ireland

Ireland is one of the top destinations in Europe for hiking! Strap on your hiking boots and get ready for some epic walks. Whether you are looking for a quick and easy day trip or a multi-night excursion, you can find the perfect trail for you in Ireland.

Hit The Links


Fore! Get your clubs ready for some incredibly beautiful golfing in Ireland. Not surprisingly on the Emerald Isle, you’ll find some fantastically green greens and some perfectly groomed fairways. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or in the PGA, you’ll find a beautiful course here and our Irish golfing expert Stephen will show you the way.

UK Ireland


Northern Ireland is a stunning area with some of the best things to do and sites to see in the entire country. If you have time, don’t miss Belfast and the stunning city of Londonderry. But aside from these two destinations, there is plenty more to see in Northern Ireland.

Medieval Ireland


Step into the fascinating history of Ireland by visiting one of the many captivating castles in the country. There are over 30,000 different castles and ruins found in Ireland, so if history buffs could spend a lifetime here and never see them all.

Stop For a Pint


Ireland has some of the most iconic and unique pubs found anywhere in Europe, with the oldest of the bunch, The Brazen Head, dating back to 1198! If you are looking for some fantastic places to eat and drink, then look no further.

best pubs in galway ireland

10 Best Pubs In Galway, Ireland

Galway is considered to be Ireland’s cultural capital and is the hub of the country’s music scene. With its countless live music venues and excellent

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best unique pubs in dublin

13 Unique Pubs In Dublin To Grab A Drink

Few people know that many of Dublin’s most famous pubs come with a fascinating history. From famous music stores to pig abattoirs, to pubs that were once used as morgues during the great famine. Read on to learn more about Dublin’s most interesting drinking establishments.

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Party It Up!


There are so many fantastic festivals in Ireland. If you can plan your trip to make it to one of these exciting gatherings, you won’t be disappointed. There are more parties than just St.Paddy’s Day! Find the best festivals in Ireland below.

Hit The Road


Ireland is easily one of the best countries in Western Europe for road tripping. Whether you’re travelling around by car, van or rented RV, this is the perfect place to hit the road and explore. Of course everyone knows about the famous Giant’s Causeway, but there are plenty more stunning routes to cruise in Ireland.

Have a Weekend Away?


If you are going to only spend a couple of days in a place, why not check out our quick city breaks posts. These will help you to properly plan the perfect 24 or 48 hour visit to any of the cities listed below.



Ireland definitely isn’t a budget destination, but if you’re careful with your money, staying in hostels and dorm rooms, you can actually get by on quite little. For the more luxurious traveller, the sky is the limit. Michelin Star restaurants, 5-star accommodation and fantastic nightlife, this is a place where it pays to have some extra pounds in your wallet.

Budget €45 / Day

Hostel accommodation, still central in Ireland, should be available for €12 ($14) per person so it is possible to live on €45 ($55) a day including drinks, food and transport.

Mid-Range €130 / Day

You can get a double room in most places in Ireland for around €45 ($53) and then if you have a few drinks in a pub and a dinner, and perhaps a rental car for your trip.

Top-€200 / Day

Stay at beautiful boutique hotels and eat at top restaurants and you will spend up to  €300 ($360) for a couple before you even consider wine with dinner, drinks in a popular pub, taxis and drivers.



There are plenty of great ways to get around Ireland including public transport, private drivers, rental cars, RVs and caravans. Your mode of transport will likely depend most on your budget, and your preferred style of travel.