Weather in Ireland: November


It can be difficult to predict the weather in Ireland in November but a couple of things are certain – Wind, rain and colder temperatures.

Here’s  a more detailed breakdown of what the weather is like:


Across Ireland, you’re going to see temperatures going down over the whole month, so make sure to pack layers! At the start, you’re going to see average temperatures around  12°C (54°F) and falling to about 9.5°C (49°F) nearer the end of the month.

This drop-off in temperature is going to be even larger out on the West Coast where the wind chill will definitely make you feel that winter is indeed coming.


If you want to see Ireland the way its depicted in movies, aka, raining most of the time, then November might be the month for you. Most days are going to at least threaten rain. This might not sound ideal, but standing on the Cliffs of Moher as the wind and rain howl at you is something you’ll be talking about for years to come!

Promisingly, the stats show that the later in November you arrive, the more chance you have of staying dry all day, with the amount of rainfall decreasing by about 6% over the month. Still maybe pack your raincoat.


The calmest day of the year, wind wise, has a wind blowing at about 5.7 miles an hour, but in November the wind averages around 8.4 miles an hour. This doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a windy day, some days can be incredibly calm, while others will make you feel like you’re about to get swept off your feet completely!

Do be careful if you’re visiting cliffs and islands, as again the Wild Atlantic Way lives up to its name very often. If you are planning on going to the islands (which we really recommend you do!) you’ll need to check with the ferry companies if sailing times are affected by winds.


If you’re like many Irish and have fair skin, you’re going to be happy that the clouds have your back in November. With the average day having about 60% cloud cover, your porcelain skin will be well protected from those pesky UV rays. Days are also getting shorter and shorter, with sunrise at the start of the month around  7:20 AM and moving to the later time of 8:15 AM nearer the end of the month.

This is great news for you sunrise chasers, no more early starts! Sunset is likewise getting earlier and earlier in November, with the sun setting just before 5pm at the start of the month, and moving to just after 4pm by the end of the month.

If you’ve been wondering why pub culture is so important in Ireland, this is your reason! Find yourself a cosy pub with a fire and a music session and settle in for the night!

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