Killarney, Ireland is truly the most quintessential Irish town that you could possibly visit. However, it can be quite hard trying to decide where to stay in Killarney.

Luckily, there are so many places to stay in Killarney, you won’t have any issues finding a place to suit your needs. There are tons of lovely neighbourhoods and even some suburbs that still have easy access to the town centre.

I studied abroad for five months in Dublin and made a long weekend trip out to Killarney, and it’s my favourite place in Ireland that I’ve been to! It’s filled with history and outdoor adventures, and it’s only a short way away from the Dingle Peninsula.

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Best places to stay in Killarney, Ireland

In this accommodation guide, you’ll gain insight into the best neighbourhoods in Killarney so that you can plan your next trip to Ireland with ease.

No matter where you choose to base yourself in Killarney, you’ll be within a short driving distance of the popular attractions of Muckross House, the Killarney National Park, St. Mary’s Cathedral, and the Killarney Lakes. And actually, if you’re into golf, there are some great courses nearby as well. 

1. Killarney Town Centre

If you don’t mind the noise, then look no further than the Killarney Town Centre. There truly is no better place to stay than right in the centre of town.

Staying in a central location like this one gives you easy access to all of the top things to do in Killarney, so you really won’t be that far away from any of the main sights. You could also do a lot more exploring on foot if you wanted, which makes travelling around Killarney a lot easier.

The town centre is also a great place to stay if you’ll be having a bit of a more extended trip and you want to go on day trips with tour groups. You’ll find that most pickup locations for these will be right in the Killarney town centre.

This Neighbourhood is Best For:

The Killarney Town Centre neighbourhood is excellent for absolutely any traveller, including families, solo travellers, and couples. If you like to be right in the centre of everything, then this is the place to be, especially if you’re only taking a short trip to the area.

Top Highlights in Killarney Town Centre

  • Grab a Lord of the Rings inspired drink at The Shire Bar & Cafe.
  • Head to Murphy’s Ice Cream for a locally-made treat that is incredibly tasty.
  • Walk along High Street and listen to all of the live music, visit bars, shop, and check out some of the town’s best restaurants.
  • Visit the St. Mary’s Church of Ireland to get a glimpse into the architectural history of Killarney.
  • Escape to Killarney National Park to see some of the best natural parts of the whole country.

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Where to Stay in Killarney Town Centre

There are a few great places to stay in Killarney Town Centre, here are a few top choices.

1. The Ross is a beautiful boutique hotel that is trendy yet luxurious at the same time. This is a favourite hotel among couples. Here, you’ll also find the popular Cellar Restaurant and Lane Bar.

2. The Killarney Towers Hotel and Leisure Centre is a good option if you’re looking for a place to stay in Killarney with a pool. There’s also a fitness center and an atmospheric bar onsite.  Killarney National Park

3. One of the most popular pubs and accommodations in all of Killarney is Tatler Jack, which is only a short walk away from High Street and St. Mary’s Church of Ireland. This spot is popular mostly among younger travellers.

2. Upper Ballycasheen

Upper Balleycasheen is a smaller, more residential neighbourhood of Killarney. This makes it one of the best places to go if you want to be near the town centre but value the peace and quiet that this neighbourhood offers.

There truly isn’t a whole lot to do in Upper Ballycasheen itself, but it’s just a quick walk (or drive) into town, where you’ll be right in the centre of everything. This area also has places to stay in Killarney that aren’t as expensive.

This Neighbourhood is Best For:

This neighbourhood is incredibly popular among families with younger children because of how quiet and quaint it is. It doesn’t even feel like it’s a short 5-minute drive away from the town centre, but it is!

Top Highlights in Upper Ballycasheen

  • Stop by the Brown Sugar Cafe for a great breakfast or brunch to start your day before heading into town.
  • For a fun break in your vacation, stop by Yoga Killarney for a relaxing way to bond with locals.
  • See the Church of the Resurrection, one of the most unique architectural buildings on this side of Killarney that is often overlooked.
  • If you want a late-night snack or meal, head over to Supermac’s, Ireland’s own fast-food restaurant.

Where to Stay in Upper Ballycasheen

There are a few excellent accommodation options in this part of Killarney. Here are some top picks.

1. Killarney Heights Hotel is a great spot to stay that’s only a short way away from the Killarney Ross Golf Course and even Fitzgerald Stadium. This hotel has its own place to eat called the Flesk Restaurant.

2. If you are planning to stay a bit longer in Killarney, then look no further than the Wild Atlantic Way Apartments which come with tons of amenities. Each room has its own balcony and is completely furnished for visitors.

3. Hotel Killarney is located exactly one mile outside of Killarney’s town centre and is a fantastic spot to go with families, featuring a soccer field, hot tub, sandpit, pool, sauna, mini-golf, and even go-karts. Lannigan’s Steakhouse is located right on the hotel grounds.

3. Aghadoe

Aghadoe is a beautiful suburb right outside of Killarney that overlooks the entire national park and has truly breathtaking views. It’s the best area to stay in Killarney because it’s filled with so many things to do and is a great home base for exploring the park.

There are buses that run between Aghadoe and Killarney, but unfortunately, they’re a bit too far away from each other for visitors to walk. It’s also only a short ride by car.

Prices in Aghadoe tend to be a bit higher, mostly because the hotels here are very nice and most offer incredible views that you wouldn’t get from downtown Killarney. However, the prices are well worth it.

killarney golf and fishing club ireland
Killarney Golf and Fishing Club

This Neighbourhood is Best For:

This neighbourhood is incredibly popular among couples and families. It’s one of the most romantic getaway spots in this area of Ireland!

Top Highlights in Aghadoe

  • See the best view of Killarney National Park from Aghadoe Heights, one of the most underrated viewpoints near Killarney.
  • Go out and explore Killarney National Park, which covers 25,000 acres of land.
  • Take a day trip to Innisfallen Island or the Gap of Dunloe.
  • Head to the Golden Nugget Pub for a budget-friendly place to eat for late lunch or dinner.

Where to Stay in Aghadoe

Here are some of the best places to stay in Aghadoe, Killarney.

1. The Aghadoe Heights Hotel & Spa is one of the most luxurious places to stay near Killarney. It’s the perfect spot for couples and is a bit of an oasis on its own, featuring a spa, gym, steam room, and more, plus, it’s located right on Aghadoe Heights viewpoint. 

2. The Arbutus Lodge is the place to go if you’re looking for accommodation with a view! This highly rated lodge is a great place to stay near Killarney town, while being in close proximity to the national park. 

3. Douglasha House is located right near Mount Carrantouhill and therefore provides the perfect place to stay in nature. Rooms have many amenities, and Irish breakfast is provided in the morning.

4. Western Killarney

West of the town centre is the best area to stay in Killarney if you want to be near downtown but don’t want to be right in the middle of everything.

This neighbourhood is still quite centrally-located and near the best pubs and attractions, but it’s not as loud as the Killarney town centre.

This neighbourhood is mostly made up of stores and must-see attractions, so you won’t be at a loss for what to do near your accommodation. Prices here are also quite affordable and budget-friendly in comparison to a place like Aghadoe or even the Killarney town centre.

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This Neighbourhood is Best For:

This is a rather popular place to stay among younger travellers, though it is also frequented by couples and smaller families. There are mostly hostels and bed and breakfasts in this neighbourhood.

Top Highlights in Western Killarney

  • Head over to Killarney House and Gardens for magnificent views and a look into the past.
  • See one of Killarney’s few sculptures, the Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty Statue.
  • Stop by St. Mary’s Catholic Cathedral, a 19th-century gothic church with great mountain views.
  • Grab breakfast at Mug & Bean, a lovely cafe in Western Killarney that is frequented by locals and tourists alike.
  • Bring younger children to visit Knockreer Playground, a great place to explore and have fun away from the city.

Where to Stay in Western Killarney

Here are a few great places to stay in west Killarney.

1. Killarney Self-Catering Suites is a great option if you’re looking to save some money by cooking for yourself. The apartments offer incredible mountain and cathedral views, private parking and clean rooms. 

2. The Black Sheep Hostel is a great place to stay that has a terrace, bike rental shop, concierge, buffet breakfast, and more. This is an incredibly popular place to stay among travellers, and the reviews reflect that.  

3. The Windway House is a guest house located right near FitzGerald Stadium and St. Mary’s Cathedral. Free Continental breakfast is in the morning and it’s just a 3-minute walk into town. 

5. Muckross House Neighbourhood

The Muckross House area is one of the best neighbourhoods in Killarney because it’s near some of the most-visited spots in town. Though it’s not right in the town centre, you’ll find that there’s so much to do here.

This neighbourhood is located just south of Killarney’s town centre and is often driven right through by travellers on the Wild Atlantic Way. The atmosphere here is quite serene and tranquil compared to other places in the area.

This Neighbourhood is Best For:

This is an excellent neighbourhood in particular for couples and families. However, solo travellers will also love it here, though the prices are a bit higher than staying in town.

Top Highlights in the Muckross House Neighbourhood

  • Explore Muckross House, the Herbert family’s 19th-century mansion that offers stunning views of Killarney National Park.
  • Walk the Muckross Lake Loop, a 9-mile easy hike that’s perfect for all age levels.
  • Stop by Torc Waterfall, the biggest waterfall of its kind in Ireland.
  • Take a ride out to Ross Castle, a scenic, historic castle right on the coast.
  • Drive part of the Wild Atlantic Way which goes right through this neighbourhood.
ross castle in killarney
Ross Castle in Killarney

Where to Stay in the Muckross House Neighbourhood

These are some of my top picks for accommodation near Muckross.

1. The Victoria House Hotel is a boutique accommodation that offers full Irish breakfasts, fresh coffee, and is part of the nearby cycling path if you’re interested in biking. In fact, guests can rent a bike from reception and ride them to nearby attractions. 

2. For a 4-star stay that’s great for more extended visits, check out The Gleneagle River Apartments. It’s near Muckross House and has a fitness centre, bar, and swimming pool, and each room is self-catering. 

2. The Brehon is home to one of the best spas near Killarney and even has its own restaurant run by the famous chef Chad Byrne. It’s only 15 minutes from the town centre and also offers excellent views of Killarney National Park. 

Enjoy Your Stay in Killarney

When visiting Killarney, you can’t go wrong with where you choose to stay as long as you do your research. Also, try to book well in advance; this way, you can save the most money possible on your accommodation.

Now, start planning your next trip! You won’t regret visiting Killarney and putting it on your Ireland itinerary.

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