Tayto Park is Ireland’s newest and ONLY theme park. It was opened back in 2010 and has been hugely successful with Irish people and tourists from around the world.
The name “Tayto” has been a household name in Ireland for decades. Tayto crisps are delicious and the national crips of Ireland. They are in nearly every pub, they are delicious in sandwiches and they even once mixed them with Cadbury’s chocolate and released it to the public! They then pushed the boundaries by undertaking their most ambitious project yet; opening up a theme park!
The theme park is chocked full of wonderful attractions and it really is the perfect place to bring your whole family. Don’t forget to check out our list of unique things to do in Meath while you’re in the area.

Here’s What You Can Do in Tayto Park

Ride Ireland’s biggest Roller Coaster 

The Cu Chulainn Coaster is Ireland’s first roller coaster. It is made entirely out of wood and is a thrill from beginning to end. The rollercoaster is not for the faint of heart and reaches speeds of up to 100km per hour.
Cu Chulainn Coaster Tayto Park

Tayto Park Zoo

This theme park also has it’s own zoo and a load of animals to boot. They have some exotic animals such as tigers, leopards and lions as well as some fascinating birds of prey. They also have a Farmyard Friends section which is chock full of your favourite barnyard animals.
 Tayto Park Zoo

Dinosaurs Alive 

This interactive exhibition features some amazing animatronic dinosaurs that will excite young and old alike. You can see full-size replicas of Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus and you can even see some famous animals from the ice age.
Dinosaurs Alive Tayto Park

World of Raptors

The World of Raptors is a fantastic way to get up close and personal with some of the birds of prey in Tayto Park. It is a 25-minute show where you can see birds of prey from all over the world. It’s hugely popular with the kids and guaranteed to give you the ‘wow’ factor!
World of Raptors Tayto Park Zoo

Viking Voyage

Viking Voyage is a hugely popular addition to the park. It is an extremely exciting flume ride where you travel in replicas of Viking ships that guarantees to excite and splash anyone who goes on it.
Viking Voyage at Tayto Park
There are a lot of other Tayto Park rides that are a lot of fun for the whole family, including a Ferris Wheel, The Endeavour, an extreme climbing wall, the hugely popular Viking Splash, a 5D cinema, The Rotator, Air Race, a Driving School, factory tours and a playground for smaller kids.
There’s also lots of delicious food and snacks to be had to ensure you don’t get hungry throughout the day. The salt and vinegar potato swirls were our favourite!
If you’re in Ireland with children then Tayto Park is one experience not to be missed.
Here are the opening hours for Tayto Park in 2018:
Opening hours Tayto Park

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