12 Reasons Kilkenny City Might Just Be Ireland’s Best

Kilkenny City is Ireland’s medieval capital, steeped in heritage, culture and the home to master crafts and brewing. In fact, so famous is Kilkenny as a master brewing destination that Lonely Planet listed the Smithwick’s Experience as one of the ‘Top 26 Hottest Attractions’ to visit

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sleeping in dublin airport

12 Reasons We Love Dublin Airport

Airports are a funny place that can cause a roller-coaster of emotions for most people. There are sad goodbyes and joyful reunions. They’re full of people in a hurry, in a rush to get somewhere. In the morning, there are tired souls wandering through the terminal.

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Facts about Ireland

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Ireland

People around the world and Irish people themselves have many assumptions about Ireland, many of which are (believe it or not) wrong! Here is a list of facts about Ireland that will make you question everything you know about the Emerald Isle! Confused yet? You will

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