Airports are a funny place that can cause a roller-coaster of emotions for most people. There are sad goodbyes and joyful reunions. They’re full of people in a hurry, in a rush to get somewhere.

In the morning, there are tired souls wandering through the terminal. Late at night, people can be found trying to get some shut-eye on some empty chairs or benches. Sleeping at Dublin Airport, however, can be a much more pleasant affair thanks to their sleeping pods!

Why is it that we love Dublin Airport so much? Apart from the fact that the welcome makes your Dublin travels start off on the right foot, and that it’s easy to get from there to the city center, here are some more reasons to love Dublin Airport.

1. Their adverts are inspiring

Just watch it! It almost makes the airport itself look like the destination!

2. Their App is brilliant

You might never have thought about downloading an app for an airport, but this is something you should seriously reconsider. The Dublin Airport app has real-time security line times, information on delays, and a really fun flight tracker.

3. It’s been around for 75 years

It’s gone through some changes, including the expansion of Terminal 1 and the addition of Terminal 2. If you’re getting some Ryanair flights, you can still see this building front from the walkway to your gate. It doesn’t look as glam anymore, but Dublin Airport still has a little class.


4. They give a true Irish welcome

If there’s one thing Irish people love more than emigrating, it’s coming home. Around Christmas time, the airport is full of lovely scenes like this one in the video.

Also recently there have been welcoming committees for people returning to Ireland to vote on important referendums. There is a growing political awareness amongst young Irish people, and Dublin Airport facilitates us coming home to excise our right to vote.

5. They track Santa’s sleigh 

Seriously, how cute is this? If you’re travelling on Christmas eve, check out the arrivals boards. It really is the little things that make it fun for kids.

6. The #GoGreen for St. Patrick’s Day

Not to be outdone by the Irish diaspora in the likes of Chicago and Sydney, Dublin Airport knows a thing or two about how to throw a party. They light up green for the thousands of people that come to our fair city to take part in St. Paddy’s Day.

7. They tell it like it is – #paddynotpatty

Speaking of Paddy’s. Dublin Airport has no qualms about reminding visitors that it’s Paddy’s Day, not Patty’s Day. I understand the confusion, but the shortened version is from the Irish name for Patrick, which is Pádraig. See that “d” in there? That’s why we say Paddy and NOT Patty. You tell ’em Dublin Airport.



8. The Rolling Stones seemed pretty happy visiting

9. Free goodbyes from famous singers

10. They organize brilliant flash mobs

11. They have these amazing sleep pods

Enjoy the airport!

It may seem silly to be so proud of an airport, but we truly are! When you arrive for your trip to Ireland, you’ll feel the Irish welcome as soon as you land. Happy travels. 

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12 Reasons We Love Dublin Airport, Ireland12 Reasons To Love Dublin Airport, Ireland