12 Reasons To Love Dublin Airport

Airports are a funny place that can cause a roller-coaster of emotions for most people. There are sad goodbyes and joyful reunions. They’re full of people in a hurry, in a rush to get somewhere. In the morning, there are tired souls wandering through the terminal. Late at night, people can be found trying get some shut eye on some empty chairs or benches.

So, what makes life easier for these people? What can help put a smile of their face? What is there to LOVE about an airport? Well here are 12 reasons that Dublin Airport is actually a pretty great place, sure to put a smile on any weary travelers face!

12. Their adverts are inspiring

11. Their App is brilliant

10. It’s been around for 75 years


9. They give a true Irish welcome

8. They track Santa’s sleigh 

7. The #GoGreen for St. Patrick’s Day

6. They tell it like it is – #paddynotpatty


5. The Rolling Stones seemed pretty happy visiting

3. Free goodbyes from famous singers

2. They organize brilliant flash mobs

1. They have these amazing sleep pods


2 Replies to “12 Reasons To Love Dublin Airport”

  1. Hi! I’m visiting Ireland for the first time in about a week and came across your blog, which is super! Could you share where those pods are located in the Dublin airport? I have a super early morning flight so I decided to just stay the night there. The pods would be much better than the floor if I can find them and they are available. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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